New shoes! Holla2013!!! #happyhappykid #vans #grey #gray #red #hashtag #hashbrown #shoes

New shoes! Holla2013!!! #happyhappykid #vans #grey #gray #red #hashtag #hashbrown #shoes

New frame from #vans!!! #happykid #vans #tempo

New frame from #vans!!! #happykid #vans #tempo

Small Bump

 Sorry for not posting random shits about my life these past few weeks. I was really busy and my computer and internet was a bitch. Well, my computer is okay now and my internet is back. So I back to normal. Oh, I began writing again. Since I bought a new journal and a new set of Colored(gay) pens. I miss writing to be honest. 

 So we spent Christmas at the hospital. Well, this is the saddest and boring-est Christmas ever. Seriously though. I kinda hate that place and I just want to go home and I just want my Yeye to be okay. Sadly, He suffered Mega U.T.I. But he’s taking some medicines daily. Plus he’s drinking 3 milk. Yes, we’re kinda broke right now. And my relatives are acting a bitch when it comes to money. I mean c’mon. I need to take a break with this drama shits with my relatives. It’s really annoying and upsetting at the same time. Sigh. I just hate this family to be honest. I just don’t get it.

 We spent New Years Eve at our house with some relatives. Cooked some pasta and some chicken shiz. I’m the one who’s in charge with firecrackers every year. I bought fireworks and many more. I ate a lot. Like seriously!!! And I regret nothing. After the countdown. Went to my friends/neighbors. I drank vodka which is the worst thing ever!!!! Then went for a walk with friends. Kinda drunk — No, I’m really drunk!!! Hahaha. I slept around 4:00PM. 

 Next morning, we went to Pandacan,Manila for a family reunion. Thanks to my tito and tita. Thanks for the pamasko and gifts! Hahahahahaha.

 I have school tomorrow. I should be sleeping right now but my body clock is fucked up because of reasons. Good luck to me. I need shit loads of coffee.

 My Christmas break went really boring. I just hope that my Yeye will be okay. And I hope I can be more positive this year. I just want to forget all the bad stuff and bad memories that I made. I just want to be happy this year. I don’t want to be problematic and sad anymore. I don’t know man but I’m still confused about stuff and college. But I’m going to have an awesome year. And I’ll make it sure!

Quick update

Hi! At the hospital right now. My Yeye is really sick. He’s already recovering though. But I hope we won’t spend Christmas here. Ugh.

Hi guys I miss you all.

Please pray for my Yeye’s health.

Merry Christmas!

I love my new coin purse.

I love my new coin purse.

Now I’m standing alone in a crowded room.

 Well last Thursday, I felt the same way when Kass ditch me on my birthday last year. I know I was with my friends naman but I just want HER to be THERE. You know what I’m saying? Well yeah. Here we go….

 I arrived at TriNoma around 5:45PM. I was so sleepy kahit nung nasa bus pa lang. I feel asleep for a couple of minutes because I was so tired and stressed out. Well yeah. I was wearing my uniform pa, thank God the guards didn’t noticed that I’m a high school student. I don’t want to make a scene or something. That would be so awkward.

 To make the story short. I sat there for 40 minutes. Waiting for nothing. Went to tacobell for wifi. Asked some friends to call/text them. I called them. They’re not coming. Boom!

 I was so pissed to be honest because I’m expecting her to come. I don’t want to explain it anymore. I’m just tired okay.

 I bought some wonderful things.

 I have extra money pa so I ate at tacobell. I kinda felt bad sa cashier girl. Nasungitan ko siya. But I said sorry naman. I’m so sorry ate U____U. Plus she asked me to donate some cash for the Christmas project thing. So I gave all my coins. I’m trying to be nice and calm as much as possible. Oh well.

 I don’t want to explain this anymore because I’m so tired and upset. All I know is…….. I hate you……..